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A teenage girl in China lost her life this week after an elevator malfunctioned and shot up 30 floors while she was trapped inside.

Newsweek reports that the incident took place Sunday night in Zhanjiang, a coastal city in the province of Guangdong. The victim became trapped inside the elevator between the first floor and basement level.

As a maintenance worker attempted to manually open the elevator doors, the car suddenly flew upward and traveled 30 floors until it struck the top of the elevator shaft.

After the girl was freed one hour later, she was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. Her precise cause of death has not been disclosed by the local media.

Wang Libin, an engineer with the Hangzhou Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, told Shanghai news portal The Paper: “Incidents where elevators shoot to the top floor are quite common, but it is not often that they result in injury or death.”

The government office said a task force was formed to investigate the incident, which is believed to have occurred following a malfunction of the elevator’s braking mechanism.

The victim was a high school student who was one week away from taking her national college exams.