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An Ohio woman has been arrested after police say she punished her dog by locking the animal in a hot car and leaving it to die. 

According to WJV, the Sandusky Police Department said in a report Mouheb Ashakih, 58, is being held in the Erie County Jail on a cruelty to animals charge following an alleged incident on Saturday. Police were called to Ashakih’s home by a neighbor who allegedly saw her pick up her pitbull and throw him into the back seat of her car, which was located at the end of her driveway.

“He stated he observed the dog tearing up the inside of the vehicle and it appeared he wanted out,” the report stated. “He noticed all the windows were rolled up and he was concerned for the canine’s safety. He went over the residence and spoke to Mouheb through her side window. He told her to let the dog out, to which she replied, ‘I don’t care. I want him to die.’”

When police arrived, officers went to check on the dog. By the time they got him out of the vehicle, he was dead.

“Due to no movement observed in the vehicle officers immediately rushed up to it after climbing over the fence and the dog was observed to be either passed out or deceased at the rear passenger side floorboard,” the report read. “It should be noted, the temperature was still 81 degrees and the vehicle windows were indeed all closed and the doors were locked. Mouheb began screaming upon observing her canine and begged us to break her car window.”

Officials said a 2-year-old dog and three 6-month-old puppies were taken from Ashakih’s home. She is being held without bond on a charge of felony animal cruelty. Ashakih is said to be due in court on Monday.