“Are you OK?”

Not to butcher a Stevie Wonder reference, but these three words can make the difference between someone overcoming a life obstacle or being unable to get past it. Let’s face it, we are all going through some pretty serious and traumatic ish—in almost real time—and the beautiful thing is that we’re open about facing it, not shying away from the work. 

But the same cannot be said for everyone in every situation.

Talking about really intimate subjects such as attempted suicide, sexual abuse and assault, or addiction to substances isn’t easy for most. And when you weigh in other factors such as ethnicity and inclusivity, it can be made harder when most days feel like directed attacks at who you are and how you identify.

“How can I help?”

You don’t need to have all of the degrees to be open with yourself, friends, and family about mental health. Thanks to the internet and the kindness of advocates all over the globe, we can access all the guides, toolkits, and websites that one needs to support themselves or a loved one.

This timely compendium is intended for Complex readers to share and use—especially if you are experiencing any mental or emotional anguish where this could aid you in finding the assistance you need. The list of resources below is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a starting point for those in search of help.