A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy has been accused of deleting video footage which allegedly showed her assaulting a man during an arrest two years ago, CBS Los Angeles reports

Nicole Bell, 27, is accused of assaulting the man while he sat in the back of a patrol car after responding to a call in the city of Lancaster on July 20, 2019. It’s unclear what she was being called to address. Prosecutors said a family member of the victim took video of the incident with their phone, but Bell deleted the footage.

“Tampering or destroying evidence tarnishes law enforcement and creates mistrust among the public,” District Attorney George Gascón said in the statement. Bell has been charged with accessing and altering computer data without permission, altering, planting or concealing evidence as a peace officer, and assault by an officer.

A warrant was issued for Bell’s arrest after the charges were filed in early June. She was booked Tuesday morning, and held on $50,000 bail. Her appearance in court was scheduled for today.  

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate her case.