Police in Kansas spent last weekend in pursuit of an Arabian camel who managed to evade officers after breaking free of a nativity scene in Bonner Springs.

Last Saturday night, the camel, dubbed “Forrest Hump” by its community, fled the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame during a live, drive-thru nativity scene. Forrest Hump roamed the streets for the next several hours, and was spotted at various locations around the city by amused locals, before she was captured Sunday afternoon by police and animal control officers.

The Bonner Springs Police Department took to Instagram last weekend to announce the runaway camel’s safe capture. “If you’ve heard the unbelievable tales, let us tell you that they are true!” the department wrote on Facebook. “Officers and Animal Control spent the entire day chasing down a loose camel.”

BSPD continued, “This morning, officers took to the golf courses in pursuit of the camel (on golf carts no less). Later, it took a leisurely jaunt down K-7 Highway and into some neighborhoods. Officers and Animal Control were finally able to catch up to the camel in the 600 block of North Nettleton Avenue where it was safely “taken into custody” by lasso! The camel was reunited with its owners and will go back to doing camel things.”