Third-graders with new calculators will be sad to learn that you can get in trouble for making things say "boob." Five men and one woman were arrested on Monday after altering the Hollywood sign so that it read "Hollyboob."

The stunt was an attempt to raise breast cancer awareness, according to sources who spoke to TMZ. The group achieved their alteration by draping a tarp with the letter "B" over the "W" and placing a dash in the terminal "D." Police saw the stunt happening and arrested the group after they made their way down the hill. LAPD Captain Steve Lurie said they are all charged with misdemeanor trespassing.“There’s no vandalism, because the sign wasn’t damaged,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

The Hollywood sign is fully surrounded by Griffith Park. Though the park is open to the public, the sign itself is the property of a private trust that maintains it.

“This is an icon that’s there for visual reinforcement of the importance of Hollywood, not just for the city of L.A. but to the world,” sign trust chairman Mark Panatier told the Times. “It needs to be upheld; it doesn’t need to be demeaned.”

Lurie called the stunt "uncool" before warning that hiking to the sign is ill-advised.