We have to take a moment to appreciate all of the creative genius that comes out of Kickstarter. Home to some of the most inventive minds on the planet, the crowdsourced platform helps projects that will make our lives better, more fun, or more beautiful come into being. Think of all the inspired design projects, truly dope clothing brands, and amazing video games that would never have gotten the legs to be developed without Kickstarter funding from random backers across the Internet. No other platform shows off the power of the people so well.

That’s not to say that every Kickstarter project will ultimately change the world. There are plenty of reasons why we’re not donating to your Kickstarter, whether you’re jumping on the Internet bandwagon or you’re literally funding the impossible. And let us not forget the guy who somehow raised $55,000 to make a potato salad. (Yes, that really happened.) Like most social platforms, Kickstarter breeds idiocy alongside genius, sometimes to hilarious results.

For every #struggle project on Kickstarter, however, there are impressive proposals that truly shine above the rest and actually deserve funding. Kickstarter even labels some of their favorites in each category to help you find the best of the best. After the potato-salad incident, Kickstarter seems to have tightened up its submission process, and that’s created an even higher bar for projects — which we’re not complaining about. Instead, we go to Kickstarter for inspiration or to see what the future might bring. Check out our list of some of the Coolest Tech on Kickstarter, and if you feel inspired, break out that credit card and become an early backer yourself. Hey, maybe someday you’ll tap into your creative genius and start a successful Kickstarter project of your own.