Colorado woman Lakeyjanay Bailey has accused Frontier Airlines of racially profiling her after an employees falsely accused her of trafficking her white four-year-old sister.

As Denver 7 reported last week, Bailey is a 21-year-old Black woman who was traveling with her four-year-old adoptive sister Olivia, who is white, from Denver to Dallas. As she told it, when they arrived at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, they were met with authorities who asked if they could speak with her for a moment.

One of the officers directly asked Olivia “if she knows me and what am I to her, and he asked what my mom was to her,” said Bailey. According to an incident report from the DFW Department of Public Safety, the officers were there because a Frontier Airlines employees requested they meet the two at the gate after a passenger reportedly alleged there could be human trafficking going on. "The whole time they were talking with us, people kept staring at us, whispering and stuff," said Bailey.

Authorities later spoke with Bailey’s mother and a social worker before they verified why the two had been traveling together. "If the roles were changed and it was a white person walking off the plane with a Black person, like a Black child, I feel like things would be different," added Bailey. She and her family are now considering whether to file a lawsuit against Frontier Airlines for racial discrimination.