CNN's Van Jones: "This Was a Whitelash Against a Changing Country"

CNN anchor Van Jones delivered an impassioned speech in the wake of Donald Trump leading the 2016 Presidential election.

In light of Donald Trump currently on track to become the next President of the United States, CNN anchor Van Jones delivered a powerful speech live on air. "This was a whitelash, a whitelash against a changing country. A whitelash against a black President. That's the part where the pain comes," Jones said. The impassioned speech reflects a feeling that millions of Americans are currently feeling as news of a Trump presidency begins to become a reality.

Currently, Trump is ahead in the projected electoral college and expected to win the election over Hillary Clinton. Neither candidate has made a statement as of yet. Jones said that he's had Muslim friends texting him throughout the evening wondering if they should leave the country, while he wondered what parents would tell their children in the morning. Naturally, Twitter immediately rallied together to praise Jones' speech and find some positivity during the somber evening. You can watch his entire speech above, and check out the Twitter reaction below. Stay tuned for more election coverage as the night goes on. 

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