Walmart Sued by Texas Man Seeking ‘Lifetime’ of Free Shopping or $100 Million in Vague ‘Civil Rights’ Case

The legal action stems from an alleged 2021 incident that already spurred a prior attempt at a lawsuit, though that suit was swiftly dismissed.

walmart signage is pictured
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walmart signage is pictured

Walmart is being sued by a man in Texas who's asking to be awarded with either $100 million or the privilege of cost-free shopping for the rest of his life. Notably, the man in question previously pursued legal action against Walmart back in 2021, resulting in a quickly dismissed case.

Per a report from KXAS-TV, Roderick Jackson filed a pair of complaints in court in Arkansas earlier this month, where Walmart is headquartered. In the handwritten complaints, viewed by Complex, Jackson says he is "sewing [sic] for false pretense of shoplifting."

One complaint’s cause of action is listed as the Civil Rights Act, while the other lists “other civil rights.” The alleged incident is claimed to have taken place at a Walmart in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

As for what Jackson is asking for in his legal action, that comes down to either $100 million in damages or "unlimited free lifetime shopping at any Walmart," per one handwritten complaint. The latter demand is alternately worded as "lifetime shopping (free) at any Walmart stores" in the other complaint.

Worth noting is that Jackson previously filed a nearly identical lawsuit against Walmart back in 2021 based on the same allegations. That suit was quickly dismissed, a Walmart spokesperson noted in a statement to NBC News on Thursday. The rep added that Walmart will defend itself “against the allegations” once the company has been “properly served.”

Although this isn't the first time legal action against Walmart has made headlines, the 2021 claims at the center of this latest story did not garner much attention in connection with the originally dismissed suit.

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