Viral Video Shows Woman in Blackface Demanding to See Pride Month Merch at Target

The woman also wore blackface to a local Starbucks, where she filmed herself talking about a former USPS job while wearing Trump stickers.

Widely circulated video shows a woman in blackface asking Target employees to direct her to the store’s Pride section, despite Pride Month having already wrapped up for the year.

The footage appears to have originated from @iceyxblues on Twitter and shows the woman in question, identified in a subsequent TMZ report as Ersilia Campbell, near the self-checkout area of a Target in the Aurora area of Colorado.

"Yeah, Lester Hold did whiteface and nobody said shit," the woman says at one point in the clip. "Where’s your Pride section? I need to know. … I thought they were celebrating this and they took our flag forever, no? I was wrong. My bad, I don’t shop at Target."

As she appeared to exit the store, the woman urged those filming to share the footage to her Facebook. “My Facebook friends love it,” she said.

According to TMZ, Campbell also showed up at a local Starbucks, where she recorded herself wearing Trump stickers on her shirt. In the resulting clip, she addressed Facebook and referenced her past employment with the United States Postal Service. 

“Trump is coming,” she said at one point.

Video via TMZ

A LinkedIn page connected to the woman listed her job with USPS as operations supervisor. The page has since been deactivated or taken down. A USPS “situational awareness bulletin,” seen here, states that Campbell had been “trespassing on U.S. Postal Property” as recently as Aug. 1.

Complex has reached out to reps for USPS, Target, Starbucks, and the Aurora Police Department for comment. This story may be updated. In a recent update to its own story, TMZ cited a police rep as confirming that Campbell was now in protective custody. Additional details were not immediately provided.

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