Apple Unveils New Apple TV Shows, Gaming Service, and More at Special Event

The religious Apple vibes are high ahead of Monday afternoon's latest update to the universe that Steve Jobs built.

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Among all the highs out there to obtain, meticulously watching an Apple event is definitely one of them.

As expected, there were several peaks among Monday's presentation from Tim Cook and company, including confirmations of previously rumored launch details on Apple's Netflix-esque video streaming service and an equally rumored Apple News retooling. As has been reported in great detail over the past few years, Apple has been said to be gearing up for a huge push into the streaming video arena for some time now. At one point, a Dr. Dre-involved series including at least one orgy sequence was in development. Plans for that would-be series, however, have since reportedly been put on hold.

The typically well-paced experience kicked off at promptly 1 p.m. ET and, as always, was streamed for those unable to actually be in person at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. Revisit that here and/or below.

Featuring a special appearance by "the phone that changed phones forever," Monday's big event kicked off with a video segment styled as a trailer giving film-like credits to Apple's Siri, Maps, and other features. Cook then hit the stage, teasing what's ahead for the brand as we dive deeper into 2019.

"Today, we're excited to extend our services even further," Cook said before introducing the next wave of Apple News. Following a reiteration of the company's dedication to highlighting news from "trusted" sources, Cook revealed his team's latest take. "We're bringing magazines to Apple News," he announced. "With amazing design and striking photography, in-depth journalism, magazines are iconic and part of our culture."

The resulting new service is dubbed Apple News+ and will take the feature to a "whole new level."

A demo of the new subscription service was also offered. Magazines are able to offer readers live covers, which—as with a Live Photo, for example—allows for the cover image to incorporate video.

Promising the "best mobile magazine experience ever," an Apple News+ subscription will run $9.99 per month and also includes separate digital subscriptions and content from the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. All told, over 300 magazines are included.


Apple Pay also got some time on Monday. "We're on target to surpass 10 billion transactions this year," Cook said, noting that the service will be available in more than 40 countries by year’s end. Starting this year, Apple Pay will be able to be used as a payment method in public transit-related transactions in major cities including Portland and New York City.

Cook then introduced Apple's effort at changing up the credit card industry, the aptly named Apple Card. "[It] was created by Apple and built on principals that we stand for," Cook said. Apple Card can be signed up for via phone, with Apple promising receipt of a card in "minutes" if approved. The card is used and stored on the web and is available across all of a user's devices. A corresponding update to the Wallet app will add a breakdown of your Apple Card history, including payment dates.

The card notably offers extensive cashback benefits and a detailed explanation of the "true cost" of different payment options. There are also said to be "no fees," including late fees. Apple is working with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard on this endeavor. Additionally, for those situations in which Apple Card via phone is not accepted, Apple will offer physical titanium cards that include no physical card number. The feature is expected to launch within the Wallet app this summer.

From there, the App Store took the mic. Specifically, the wildly popular Gaming segment of the App Store will be receiving some tweaks, with an emphasis on paid games. The new Apple Arcade feature is a mobile gaming subscription service boasting a curated selection of titles.

Apple Arcade lives in the App Store and includes access to over 100 new and exclusive games. The feature launches this fall. Pricing info will be announced soon.

Television, as expected, was next up. "TV, at its best, enriches our lives and we can share it with people we love," Cook told the crowd. "Today, there is so much to watch in more ways than ever before."

The new Apple TV app features preexisting cable and satellite TV plans access and a pay-for-what-you-want feature that's ad-free. Apple TV Channels, which lives in the new Apple TV app, will include content from major players like HBO and more. The main goal appears to be making the Apple TV a user's go-to for television matters, regardless of their subscriptions. The movies and sports divisions have also been overhauled. The app itself will also be available on the Mac this fall, as well as on Smart TVs. Samsung's edition launches first this spring. The new app will be available elsewhere in May.

"Apple has always tried to make the world a better place and we believe deeply in the power of creativity," said Cook, introducing the biggest facet to Apple's push into this world. "Our products help people express their creativity and tell their stories because great stories can change the world."

Apple TV+ was then unveiled to applause. Steven Spielberg, Octavia Spencer, and J.J. Abrams were among those enlisted via a pre-filmed video segment to introduce the new extension to Apple's original content empire. Spielberg also appeared in person, addressing the crowd. "My Amblin team and I are going to be resurrecting Amazing Stories," he said of his entry into the Apple TV+ universe.

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston took the stage after Spielberg, announcing their new project The Morning Show. "We pull back the curtain on the power dynamics between men and women in the high stakes environment of morning shows," Witherspoon explained of the project. Their presentation also included a pop-in from Steve Carell, who's another part of the project.

Sea, passionately introduced by Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard, was then announced. Oscar winner Kumail Nanjiani also came through with an announcement of his Little America series, focused on telling the stories of "immigrants doing everyday life stuff."

The fucking legend himself, Big Bird, then took the stage after a brief pause to unveil Helpsters. Unfortunately, Big Bird wasn't given the pleasure of having the finale. J.J. Abrams and Sara Bareilles were next up, introducing their new comedy Little Voice with a performance of the theme song from Bareilles herself.

Apple wants Apple TV+ to become the go-to destination for the "highest quality originals." As the first step toward pulling this off, Apple will launch the new feature this fall. 

To close out the proceedings, Cook introduced Oprah. "We all crave connection," she said, introducing two new documentaries she has in the works with Apple, one of which centers on mental health. "We search for common ground. We want to be heard, but we also need to listen." Oprah is also launching a new book club in collaboration with Apple.

If all this is any indication, and it certainly is, Apple isn't fucking around in 2019. 

You can check out the original programming trailer for Apple TV+ up top.

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