Saudi Arabia Reveals Plans for Cube-Shaped Skyscraper the Size of 20 Empire State Buildings

The massive structure is part of a larger effort to build a massive new downtown space in Saudi Arabia's capital, with a projected launch date of 2030.

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Plans for a cube-shaped skyscraper in Saudi Arabia’s capital promise “a gateway to another world,” complete with the implementation of what’s being billed as groundbreaking holographic tech.

You’ve no doubt seen images and footage of the indeed otherworldly design making the rounds on social media in recent days following last week’s announcement by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, who also serves as chairman of the New Murabba Development Company.

The Mukaab building, specifically, is designed to be the focal point of a new downtown space in Riyadh. As detailed in ensuing coverage of the 1,312-foot high cube, including from Futurism and CNN (among numerous others), the announcement has spurred both excitement and skepticism.

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, known as the Public Investment Fund (PIF), says the Mukaab—once completed—will stand as the “first immersive, experiential destination” in the world. Per the PIF, its 400 meters by 400 meters size is massive enough to hold 20 Empire State Buildings.

As for those touted holographic tech aspects, a promo video shared by PIF (as seen up top) teases that visitors to the space will be virtually introduced to depictions of Mars and other “magical worlds.”

An exact launch date for the skyscraper has not been set. However, local officials have said the larger New Murabba project is slated to be finished by 2030.

Of note, and as highlighted amid coverage of the Mukaab development plans, is that Saudi Arabia has long been criticized in connection with human rights issues. Most recently, for example, the Human Rights Watch organization outlined a series of alleged human rights violations as part of its annual World Report coverage.

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