Watch Protesters Demanding Justice for Breonna Taylor Confront Rand Paul After RNC

While the Kentucky Republican attempted to paint the moment as an "attack" during which cops saved his life, footage tells a very different story.


Image via Getty/Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee


Rand Paul, a Republican senator from Kentucky who also has a failed presidential attempt to his name, was confronted by a group of protesters while exiting the White House early Friday.

Paul was leaving the White House after another round of Republican National Convention nonsense, per CBS News, when protesters approached him while shouting "Say her name!" and "Her name is Breonna Taylor!" As footage of the moment shows, police responded by screaming at the protesters to "move back," with one officer ultimately escalating the situation by pushing into a crowd of protesters.

At one point, that same officer is seen losing his balance and falling into Paul. 

And while Paul later attempted to characterize this moment as an "attack" by an "angry" and "crazed mob" during which police were tasked with "literally saving our lives," the footage shows no such thing.

Paul introduced the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act, which targeted no-knock warrants, back in June. However, criticism against Kentucky political leaders and law enforcement has rightfully persisted in the months since Breonna Taylor was killed by police as the family pursues justice.

Earlier this month, Daniel Cameron—Attorney General of Kentucky—was widely criticized for his RNC speech. During the speech, Cameron mentioned Breonna Taylor while presenting a decidedly Republican take on the nationwide protests that have defined much of 2020.

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