New Details Emerge in Alleged Murder of KKK Imperial Wizard Who 'Smelled Like Cat Piss'

A new report on the alleged murder of a KKK imperial wizard in Missouri reveals a sordid tale of cat piss and pill addiction.


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Frank Ancona, the Ku Klux Klan imperial wizard whose body was found near the Big River in Missouri last month, reportedly confided in friends and family before his death that his wife—Malissa Ancona—was "addicted to prescription pills." Frank and Malissa, according to a lengthy new report from the Riverfront Times' Doyle Murphy, were also "literally living in shit." As previously reported, Malissa and her stepson have both been charged in the murder of the Frank's Traditionalist American Knights founder.

Murphy's piece, published Wednesday, opens with the following sentence:

Frank Ancona, the imperial wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, smelled like cat piss.

Malissa Ancona had reportedly removed the windows from their Leadwood home's front porch, wrapping the wood frames in chicken wire. This project, the Times said, was part of her effort to turn the residence into a "giant kennel" full of "dozens" of cats and two dogs. At its peak, a neighbor estimated that as many as 70 cats resided in the Ancona home. At one point, Malissa allegedly approached a neighbor's son and asked him to wring a "suffering" cat's neck.

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"Malissa is the kind of person who would tell you she had Lucky Charms for breakfast when she really had Cocoa Puffs," Paul Jinkerson Sr., who was previously married to Malissa, told the Times. Jinkerson had been friendly with Frank over the years, despite not agreeing with his KKK activities. Roughly six months ago, the two spoke on the phone about the possibility of Jinkerson taking her back. "I was like, 'You're out of your mind,'" Jinkerson said. "I guess he thought for a brief, fleeting moment that I would alleviate his pain and take her off his hands."

Jinkerson Sr. also disputes the charges against his son, Paul Jinkerson Jr., calling him a "geek" who would never commit such an act. Jinkerson Jr. had also "probably never fired a gun in his life," his father told the Times. However, Jinkerson Sr. added, his son—just two weeks before Frank's murder—had mentioned in an "off-the-cuff" manner that Malissa wanted to kill Frank and have him help her "clean it up."

After Frank's death and the subsequent charges, local animal service officials were successfully able to rescue 42 cats.

KKK wife Malissa Ancona hoarded cats, popped pills and, police say, murdered the local Imperial Wizard.

— Riverfront Times (@RiverfrontTimes) March 8, 2017

Read the full four-page report from the Riverfront Timeshere.

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