Michigan Man Spends $900 in Savings to Buy Gas for Nurses Helping With COVID-19

Be more like this dude.

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Amid the swaths of self-centered assholery you've surely encountered during the COVID-19 era, it's good to know there are actually a few people out there doing some good.

One such doer of good used hundreds from his personal savings to help procure gas for nurses in Detroit, as reported by CNN on Friday. The man in question, Allen Marshall, told regional CNN affiliate WDIV that he used his $900 in savings as a gesture of love for those on the frontlines of coronavirus containment efforts. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Marshall stood near an Exxon gas station by the Detroit Medical Center holding a sign reading "FREE GAS FOR NURSES."

Originally, Marshall had been saving up to procure himself a new knife-sharpening tool. Speaking with Detroit Free Press, however, he outlined how he had a change of heart as the nation continues moving through social distancing woes.

"With all that is going on with the coronavirus, I wanted to thank the essential workers the best way that I can," Marshall explained. "I really don't need that tool and thought this was a better way to spend the money."

As Marshall said, it often takes just "a small gesture" of this sort to show someone you care. And in the middle of the most fuckery-laden year in modern history, Marshall's efforts surely won't go unnoticed.

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