5 iOS 11 Features That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

iOS 11 features a smarter Siri and much more.

Apple, the maker of the device in your hand.
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Apple, the maker of the device in your hand.

Apple teased iOS 11 during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote Monday, exciting iPhone enthusiasts with an assortment of new features. 

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"iOS 11 gives iPad users the powerful app functionality they need to take advantage of everything iPad is capable of, and brings hundreds of new features and incredible updates to the iOS apps iPhone and iPad users enjoy every day," Craig Federighi, Apple's senior VP of Software Engineering, said Monday.

In addition to providing the self-described "biggest AR platform in the world," iOS 11—which will be available as a free update for iPhone and iPad users this fall—also takes several steps toward making modern life less of a chore. Below, we take a closer look at our favorite new features.

Smarter Siri

​With iOS 11, Siri will receive fresh male and female voices that are more expressive than ever before. These new voices will be able to translate from English to a variety of languages, including Mandarin and Spanish. The new Siri will also give iPhone and iPad users personalized suggestions based on how they utilize the Safari browser and other standard Apple features.

Send and receive money with Apple Pay

Finally, Apple Pay will allow users to send and receive money to friends right inside Messages. Siri can also be instructed to send an Apple Pay payment, which will be stored in the user's Apple Pay Cash account. Apple Pay Cash balance can be transferred to a bank account or used as payment in stores and online.

Do Not Disturb while driving

To combat the growing problem of drivers being dangerously distracted by phone activity while on the road, Apple is introducing a new Do Not Disturb feature. When enabled, the driver's phone will be able to detect when a user is behind the wheel. Once driving is detected, notifications are silenced to ensure the screen remains dark. Favorite contacts can then be sent a standard auto-reply alerting them that the user is currently driving.

Screen Recorder

Apple didn't discuss this feature during the WWDC keynote Monday. According toGizmodo, however, Screen Recorder was found by Reddit users while testing the iOS 11 beta for developers. The feature allows users to capture phone activity, with the option to edit and add annotations to the recorded content. Admittedly, this feature sounds like it could cause problems for some users.

Better iPad experience

iOS 11 unlocks the full potential of iPad. The update, including the new customizable Dock, has been touted by Apple as the "biggest release ever" for iPad. Users will also have access to a new Files app for greater organization.

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