Hillary Clinton Gets Relatable by Unsuccessfully Swiping NYC Subway Card Multiple Times

The MetroCard may or may not be feeling the Bern.

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Hillary Clinton's campaign hit a slight snag on Thursday, with harrowing footage making the rounds of the leading Democratic candidate appearing to struggle greatly with a MetroCard. Clinton, as shown in the NBC News clip above, had to swipe the card a grand total of five times before ultimately making her way onto the New York City subway. Pretty understandable. Five swipes though? Let's debate:

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Clinton's seemingly sudden desire to endure the subway, of course, comes just days after rival Bernie Sanders made a very different kind of wave regarding public transportation. "You get a token and you get in," Sanders told the New York Daily News when asked how exactly one goes about riding the subway in the year 2016. After being informed that tokens would, in fact, not get someone on the subway, Sanders amended his response: "You just jump over the turnstile." Sanders, of course, does know a thing or two about racing to catch a train when crunched for time:

The battle between Sanders and Clinton, though still noticeably tamer than the general circus vibes of the GOP batch of presidential hopefuls, has taken a turn for the intense in the last few weeks. "She has been saying lately that she thinks that I am, quote-un-quote, not qualified to be president," Sanders said during a rally in Philadelphia on Wednesday, as quoted by the New York Times. "Let me just say in response to Secretary Clinton, I don't believe that she is qualified if she is, through her super PAC, taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds." 

During her Thursday morning subway ride, Clinton addressed Sanders' remarks as "silly" before revealing that she and Sanders have at least one thing in common: uniting against the other side. "I don't know why he’s saying that," Clinton said, "but I will take Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump or Ted Cruz any time."

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