Video Shows Alleged Altercation Involving Group Wearing Green Bodysuits on NYC Subway

The footage was captured this past weekend and shows a group of unidentified individuals, all in green bodysuits, on a New York City subway.

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Confusion abounded this past weekend after a group of individuals, all wearing green bodysuits, engaged in alleged assault while aboard a New York City subway.

Per a report from local outlet PIX 11, the incident (as seen in footage above and below) took place on Sunday and ultimately resulted in two teens having multiple personal items stolen.

Police are reported to have spoken with the pair of victims, both 19, who said the incident began with an argument involving the group of green bodysuit-wearing individuals before the disagreement became a physical altercation. Both alleged victims claim to have been struck during the incident, which they say resulted in the loss of personal items including credit cards and a phone.

View this video on YouTube

Reports note that the group of (thus far) unidentified bodysuit wearers ultimately exited the train at the next stop, although additional information on the individuals, including the current status of a subsequent investigation into the incident, remained unclear at the time of this writing.

Complex has reached out to an NYPD rep for comment. This post may be updated.

The mother of one of the 19-year-old victim spoke with the New York Daily News on Monday, telling the publication “whatever [the suspects] have coming, they deserve.” 

The mother also criticized those who filmed the incident, theorizing that those who captured the moment didn’t first call 911.

“It’s so disturbing for me as a mother that this is the world we live in,” the mother, who is not identified in the report, said.

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