George Floyd's Confidential Medical Records Have Been Breached Multiple Times

An attorney for the family of George Floyd says that they have been informed of the Hennepin County breaches, which occurred across multiple dates.


Image via Getty/Ira L. Black/Corbis


An attorney for George Floyd's family has announced that they have been made aware of multiple instances of his medical records being breached.

Attorney Antonio Romanucci told CBS News in a statement, per their report on Thursday, that the family and other attorneys had been informed of the breaches of confidential records and that the breaches in question had occurred across multiple dates.

"The Floyd family and attorneys were recently made aware of a data breach of George Floyd's confidential information at the Hennepin County Medical Center," Romanucci said. "The letter said there were breaches of his data over multiple dates and that the employees involved are 'no longer with the organization."

The letter, the report adds, did not specify what exact information had been accessed. It also did not specify whether the employees who are confirmed to be "no longer with the organization" had resigned or been fired. Romanucci and the legal team are now exploring all options of response with regards to the breaches of Floyd's confidential records.

"Even after death, [George Floyd] was abused and mistreated by the system," Romanucci added.

In a statement, a rep for the Hennepin County Medical Center declined to confirm the breach due to patient confidentiality. The rep, however, did note that—when such a breach is determined to have happened—resulting disciplinary action can include termination of any involved employees. 

George Floyd was killed in May during an act of police brutality that inspired months of nationwide protests. Involved officers were ultimately fired, with Derek Chauvin now facing charges including second-degree murder.

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