Donald Trump Supporter Tells Activists to "Go to Auschwitz" While Appearing to Give Nazi Salute

This, of course, is far from the first time Nazi imagery has made its way into the Trump campaign.

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Footage of a Donald Trump supporter screaming about Auschwitz while appearing to give a Nazi salute has started making the usual rounds, just days after another Trump supporter appeared to do the same in Chicago. The footage, as reported by the Huffington Post, appears to have originally been uploaded by Kyle Bogden, though the identity of the video’s subject remains uncertain.

"Go to Auschwitz! "the unidentified man, dressed in predictable attire, screams at the camera. "Go to fucking Auschwitz!" As the supporter makes his way into the venue, other Trump followers can be heard chanting "Don’t be a chump! Vote for Trump!" which exhibits the exact depth of vocabulary one might expect from such an event.

Of course, simply brushing this behavior off as the pastime of profoundly undereducated Americans would do a great disservice to its unsettling (to say the least) frequency. As previously reported, the Daily Beast alleged that Birgitt Peterson was the woman shown throwing up a Nazi Heil following Trump’s cancelation of a rally in Chicago last week. The event, strategically swarmed by activists protesting Trump’s hate-inspiring political platform, was formally called off due to "the safety of all of the tens of thousands of people that have gathered," which is exactly how one might expect the leading GOP candidate's spokesperson to respond.

Trump's campaign, as show on multiple (equally troubling) occasions, has inspired waves of support among white supremacists and related bigotry groups. In August of last year, a notorious white supremacist in North Dakota emerged from a period of semi-retirement to once again attempt to start his own whites-only town in Antler, this time inspired by the rise of Donald Trump. In the months since that headline, Trump has only doubled down on his egregious rhetoric in an apparent effort to make America as white as possible.

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