'Black Love Power' Combats Google's Racist Search Results for 'Couples in Love'

A new platform called Black Love Power is described as an "act of resistance" showing the power of black love.

Black Love Power, a digital platform for "powerful images of black people engaging in acts of love," launched Tuesday. Founded by activists Dabo Ché and Michaela Angela Davis, Black Love Power was inspired in part by the unfortunate lack of diversity displayed when Googling "couples in love" and related phrases.

Davis and Ché launched their new campaign in collaboration with the Huffington Post's Black Voices on Valentine's Day, releasing a curated gallery of work from their network of talented black photographers. "Black is big, generous, and mystical," Davis told the Post. "Love is the most transformative energy there is. Power is what all people want. So Black Love Power, for me, is a reinforcement of, who we are, what we’re made of and what we have."

Black Love Power, Davis added, is "an act of resistance" aimed at reimagining the ways in which black love is perceived. According to Ché, this new digital platform can help "make us less reactionary to how other people treat us" and will provide a place for community exploration.

"This is a platform where we can explore relationships, politics, sex, economics and all things that can positively affect ourselves, our community, and ultimately the world we live in," Ché told the Post.

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The debut curated gallery features work from photographers including Maxim Vakhovskiy, Creative Soul, Artemus Jenkins, and more. Peep it here. For those interested in contributing work, you can find more info on the submission process right here.

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