Federal Agency Addresses Alleged Bigfoot Footage Claiming to Show Creature in Broad Daylight

The USDA Forest Service has spoken out about the footage, which some believe shows the long-speculated creature walking around in a mountainous area of Colorado.

People on a train in southwest Colorado may have spotted 'Bigfoot.' Thoughts?
Video: bt92.travels (IG user)#colorado #news #bigfoot pic.twitter.com/iX1naHGOI5

— OutThere Colorado (@outthereco) October 10, 2023

A federal agency has responded to the excitement surrounding the latest alleged footage of the oft-referenced but not-yet-proven creature widely known as Bigfoot, a.k.a. Sasquatch.

As reported by the Denver Gazette’s OutThere Colorado division, the footage making the rounds on social media and beyond was recorded on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train earlier this month. The clip, seen above, shows the alleged creature walking around a mountainous area before eventually squatting down, largely out of view.

Speaking with the outlet about the moment, Shannon Parker—who was traveling with her husband and took photos of the alleged sighting—noted that she was not a Bigfoot believer prior to this potentially fateful train ride.

As for the video, it has been credited to the Instagram account @bt92.travels, which is currently set to private.

Amid the debate regarding whether or not this should be considered a legitimate sighting of the long-speculated creature, the USDA Forest Service has issued a statement, notably highlighting the agency’s inability to “speculate” about the legitimacy of the footage.

"The USDA Forest Service can't speculate or provide comments on the authenticity of the video," a spokesperson told TMZ on Wednesday. "We'll be sure to alert the media if and when a Sasquatch is sighted by officials on National Forest System lands."

When reached for comment by Complex on Thursday, a Forest Service rep shared the an extended version of the same statement, adding that the agency “is not currently investigating the footage taken on the San Juan National Forest last weekend.”

As those informed on the topic will recall, the FBI added another layer of mystery to matters of Bigfoot with the 2019 confirmation of its agents having tested relevant hairs and tissues back in the 1970s. Per documents released by the agency, however, those particular specimens were later found to have been "of deer family origin."

Regardless, the public's longstanding fascination with all things Bigfoot is likely to continue indefinitely. Just this month, a fictionalized take on the creature was featured in To the Stars and blink-182 co-founder Tom DeLonge's feature-length directorial debut Monsters of California.

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