Apple Unveils iPhone 15 Lineup at Latest Cupertino Event

Tim Cook and company announced a major change to its iPhone lineup from Cupertino on Tuesday.

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We’re squarely in the middle of September now, which means it’s time for another new iPhone unveiling from Apple. In other words, this is the day that the lord has made, and we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Tim Cook and company’s latest event, dubbed Wonderlust, was expected to include the debut of the iPhone 15 (and it did indeed). In fact, the newest generation of the ubiquitous device was accurately predicted to be utilizing a USB-C port in place of its usual Lightning-based charging capabilities, marking a significant change.

“Nothing’s more important than helping save lives, and it’s amazing to see all the ways people use Apple Watch and iPhone every day,” Cook said at the top of Tuesday’s event before rounding up some recent updates to the company’s other products, including its Mac lineup and the debut of Apple Vision Pro.

Watch the archived livestream of Apple's Wonderlust event up top. Below, see highlights from the latest range of devices, including the new iPhone.

Apple Watch

This time around, the watch has been “redesigned on the inside,” resulting in a truly boosted performance experience. Series 9 boasts Apple’s “most powerful watch chip yet,” not to mention 30 percent faster GPU. 

apple watch series 9

Among the highlights are advanced Siri features, including the fact that common Siri requests will no longer have to bounce to the cloud before being carried out. Additionally, Siri can access health data, while the watch itself will be able to engage in “precision-finding” for users’ iPhones.

In terms of all-new features, the Double Tap gesture allows for easier call answering and Apple Music controls, plus more. For the Ultra 2, also unveiled on Tuesday, Apple is launching the brightest display it has ever made.

Orders for the new watch lineup, including a new SE, start Tuesday. The SE starts at $249, the Series 9 starts at $399, and the Ultra 2 starts at $799.


As expected, Tuesday brought with it the rollout of the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, featuring the Dynamic Island. The 15 will be available in pink, yellow, green, blue, and black color options complete with textured matte finishes.

The 15’s “entirely new” camera system is built around a 48MP main camera. Key abilities include next-generation portraits (with richer color and improved low-light performance), automatic portrait-need detection, smarter HDR, and more.

USB-C, meanwhile, is indeed coming to the iPhone. Mac, iPad, iPhone, and even newer AirPods can now charge using the same cable.

For the 15, the price starts at $799 for the 128GB model. The 15 Plus, meanwhile, starts at $899, also for the 128GB model.

iphone 15 lineup

For Pro users, you can look forward to a new titanium design and the lightest Pro models in Apple history. The Pros boast a customizable action button, not to mention some expectedly breathtaking camera capabilities (like 5x optical zoom), all powered by the industry’s first three-nanometer chip (the A17 Pro).

For filmmakers, the ability to record directly to an external drive seems like a potential gamechanger, as does the Spatial Video feature.

The 15 Pro starts at $999 for the 128GB model, while the 15 Pro Max starts at $1199 for 256GB.

iphone 15 pro

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