Here’s How People Are Reacting to Apple’s Touchscreen AirPods Case Patent

Although a patent doesn't necessarily mean anything will actually happen, Apple enthusiasts have been quick to connect this idea to the company's past.

Apple logo is seen on a building in New York

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Apple logo is seen on a building in New York

Could AirPods cases soon be getting a touchscreen overhaul?

Not necessarily, but some patent-related developments from Apple show that this is indeed a possibility. Per MacRumors, by way of Patently Apple’s initial report, a patent first filed by Apple in provisional form in September 2021 and recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office includes a slew of figures showing a hypothetical touchscreen AirPods case in action.

As the patent details across numerous diagrams, the aim here would be to, in part, “enhance the operability of the devices and make the user-device interfaces more efficient.” An added bonus of these proposed tweaks, the patent argues, is a boost in battery life.

Among the explored case upgrade options seen in the documents are the ability to switch listening modes with a squeeze of the case, tactile touchscreen controls allowing for less involved Apple Music usage, and—of course—Siri interactions.

As with all things Apple, particularly developments of the largely speculative variety, word traveled fast on social media. Many were quick to compare this take on the AirPods case to a since-discontinued piece from Apple’s past, i.e. the once-ubiquitous iPod.

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they keep adding useless shit to make the price go higher

Everyone saying yes until they charge you x4 because of just this feature

Apple knowing it’s gonna make millions reselling the iPod Touch as AirPods:

This has been attracting some of the same old bad tech takes 1. Apple patents everything, even stuff that never ships 2. Everyone made fun of the original AirPods until they actually tried them, and now everyone loves wireless earbuds 3. An iPod for the 2020's would be awesome

Complex has reached out to Apple for comment. This story may be updated, although it’s worth noting the company doesn’t typically offer public comment on patent-related developments.

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