Someone Unsuccessfully Tried to Order From a Starbucks Drive-Through on Horseback

It's more common than you think.

Usually, when you're making your way through a Starbucks drive-thru, the last thing you expect to see is a horse, but apparently, this is a thing. Recently, Arizona teen Aspen Cline tried to bring her own horse through a Starbucks drive-thru on her birthday to get Frappucinos for herself and a friend, and whipped cream for their horses, but was turned away, according to ABC 15.

“We weren’t given any reason — just, ‘We can’t take your order,’” Cline told ABC 15 about the incident. Though, it's easy to imagine that a Starbucks barista likely doesn't come across too many horses casually going through the drive-thru, the official corporate policy states that the drive-thru is "for cars only." A spokesperson told ABC 15 that accommodations can be made ahead of time to but the barista was simply "caught off guard" when they said no. 

So where would such an idea even come from? Walking through a drive-thru has probably crossed people's minds after a long night out, but a horse is a whole different story. Apparently, Cline was inspired by the tons of videos online of people successfully ordering, paying for, and leaving with their orders on horseback. Whipped cream and all. One video making the rounds is this one filmed in Norco, California, a city also dubbed as "Horsetown, USA." Even in the video's description, it's clear that what goes in Norco might not fly in other places. "Horses are given a wide range of privileges that other cities may not allow," it reads.

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And it's not just Starbucks, either. There are plenty of other videos all over YouTube of people riding horses through drive-thrus with relative success. 

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Of course, every city and establishment is different, so saddle up for a Latte at your own risk.

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