15 Ways You're Being A Jerk And Don't Even Know It

How are you being an unwitting dick? This list breaks down 15 ways you may be coming off as a jerk to your girlfriend, and you don't even know it.

guy texting

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guy texting

Most of the time, you think you are perfect little dolls as boyfriends. And you are! But then again, I'm not dating you, because this is the Internet and I am actually a 45-year-old Norse troll dubstep musician named Rungnir.

But even though we aren’t dating, I bet I could tick off a big barrel of ways you’re being an absolute rat without even realizing it! I can already see your comment wheels spinning: “We CAnaaAN’T do ANYthing WRRiIIght!” Well, you definitely can’t spell, but other than that, surprisingly, there are really only 15 other things you’re doing wrong. So, how are you being an unwitting dick? Let me count the ways...


15. Ignoring Her Sullen, Disguised Pleas for Attention & Luv & Problem-Solving


14. Correcting Her Obvious Bullshit


13. No Surprises


12. Hoarding Your Clothing


11. Lending Me $600


10. Remaining Disinterested in Some Dumb Thing She Loves


9. Getting Back Together with Her Only After She’s Won a Giant Lawsuit as a First Year Law Student with Her Chihuah

Legally Blonde

8. Sandwiches


7. Not Sending One of Those "How's Your Day?" Texts

hands coffee smartphone texting

6. Introducing Her To Your Friends Improperly


5. Not Always Being Right

always right

4. Not Being Famous

brad pitt

3. Television Crying


2. Trail Of Tears

woman hand smartphone laptop

1. Not Making Her A Meme

meme girlfriend

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