Woman Steals SUV With 5 Kids Inside After Driver Stopped to Help Her In Her Own Crash

A North Carolina woman is accused of stealing a Good Samaritan's car with his children inside, after he pulled over to assist her in her own car crash

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A North Carolina woman is accused of stealing a Good Samaritan’s car with his five children still inside after the driver pulled over to assist her in her own crash.

As reported by local news outlet WITN, officials with the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office said that Markell Hancox, from Chesapeake, Virginia, had been involved in a multi-car crash off the intersection of Augusta Drive and Highway 158 in Grady, North Carolina.

That’s when a man reportedly “approached the scene and exited his vehicle to check on the people involved,” according to a Facebook post from local police. “It was at this time one of the drivers of the vehicles involved, Markell Hancox… jumped into the driver seat of his Suburban and stole it with his 5 children still inside.”

Hancox allegedly fled north down Caratoke Highway, with five terrified children in the back of the car, before abandoning the vehicle at a nearby convenience store called Hop Inn. She was arrested by deputies a short while later after she tried to flee the scene on foot. The children were reported by police to be “extremely shaken” but unharmed. 

Hancox was hit with numerous charges including five counts of second-degree kidnapping, leaving the scene of an accident, and larceny of a motor vehicle. She is currently being held on a $210,000 bond at the Currituck County Detention Center.

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