Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) say they’re investigating a video showing a man hanging off the back of a transport truck as it was driving along Queen Elizabeth Way early Wednesday morning.

The clip only lasts for approximately five seconds but shows a man wearing a black winter jacket, grey pants, and white shoes.

The OPP said the video was captured by a passer-by vehicle around midnight on March 8 near Burlock Drive in Burlington, Ontario.

The truck driver told the OPP that he had stopped in Milton about 30 minutes before the video was taken and he had no idea that someone had jumped onto the back of the truck.

In the video posted by the OPP Highway Safety Division Twitter account, Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said that the person who took the video motioned to the truck driver to let him know something was wrong.

The truck then pulled over on the shoulder of the highway, at which point the man holding onto the truck let go and ran toward the ramp to Burloak Drive.

Schmidt said that the OPP had begun a search for the man but could not find him.