Son of Donald Trump's National Security Advisor: Women's March About Free Manicures

Michael Flynn Jr., the son of America's new National Security Advisor, suggested the Women's March is about free manicures and pedicures.

The Women's March on Washington has overtaken the entire country, with Americans out in full force to speak up for women's rights. A cavalcade of powerful women, from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to celebrities like Alicia Keys and Madonna, are making their voices heard in the wake of yesterday's Presidential inauguration.

Though women around the country have been joined by men who believe in their fight, not everyone is so sympathetic to the cause. Michael Flynn Jr., the son of Donald Trump's recently appointed National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn, took to Twitter to express his disdain for the Women's March:

Belittling a fight for access to healthcare, equal pay, and other important issues as a battle for manicures and pedicures did not sit well with the public, who made sure to let Flynn Jr. know he messed up.

Flynn Jr. is no stranger to controversy. In early December, he used his Twitter account to help promote the debunked "Pizza Gate" controversy that led to a gunman attacking a restaurant in Washington D.C. The subsequent backlash to the incident was enough to get Flynn Jr. removed from the President's transition team.

His father, a retired Army general who at one point was considered a possible running mate for Trump, has come under fire for elements of his foreign policy. Early in 2016, he posted a video titled "Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL" to his personal Twitter account. He will now play an important role in shaping America's policies abroad.

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