Tomi Lahren Is Deleting Her Most Reckless Tweets

It looks like right-wing political commentator Tomi Lahren spent last night purging some of her more reckless tweets.

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While there's no real reason as to why Tomi Lahren has been purging a gang of old tweets, it looks like TheBlaze correspondent and one of 2016's worst people has been busy. Does she have a lot to worry about? You be the judge of that.

Appears Tomi Lahren is spending the night deleting old tweets lmao

Now, for most people, these might be kind of tame. For the way Lahren hypes her conservative beliefs on her nightly program? It feels like she's either changed her ways in the last four years (which she's entitled to), or she's putting on some kind of front. 

Something tells me Tabitha was a lot more fun back in the day when she was in the club getting White girl wasted. What happened @TomiLahren?

Wonder how many of her viewers actually know what "pop that p" means.

Keep in mind, most of these tweets are ones that she's removed. Some savvy internet sleuths have found some that are probably a) more troubling and b) closer to the person most people think Tomi Lahren actually is.

Tomi Lahren Old Tweets

Oof. Not a good look at all. There's also this photo of Tomi getting her Coyote Ugly on.

Tomi Lahren Old Tweets

There's a lot more; Mediaite found some tweets about Tomi wanting to "cause trouble" after a breakup, as well as some other tidbits about not wanting to work (which sounds crazy when you see what she was saying about Democrat handouts in December).

Again, the question is WHY? Why now? She's been Blaze'ing it up for the last year; is it a situation where after appearing on The Daily Show she felt her stock was rising? Does she have some other gig that will be thrusting her into our timelines more often than she has been? Was it because of her recent Wale fail?

All I'm saying is stay woke; those tweets don't just delete themselves. Or maybe she should've taken her own advice three years ago.

Tomi Lahren Old Tweets

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