New Study Reveals Chemicals in Fast Food Wrappers Could Be Harmful AF

Fast food is bad, but the chemicals they are wrapped in could be worse.

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Look, if you're taking the chance on the many delicious, economical fast food options in your area, you're already playing with your BMI and whatever other parts of your body that would be harmed by ingesting those delicious, economical food choices, but a recent study shows the wrappers that you get your food in are just as harmful.

Recent testing shows that most of these wrappers contain fluorine, which is reportedly used to ward off grease stains on the wrappers. There were 400 containers for food and drinks from restaurant chains like McDonald's, Burger King, Starbucks, and more involved in the study. Researchers discovered fluorine chemical was found in about 40 percent of the samples taken. This broke down to fluorine being found in about 56 percent of the bread and dessert wrappers, 38 percent of the burger and sandwich wrappers, and 20 percent of paper containers, although that does not include paper cups.

One important factor is that while this testing did not include food samples, fluorine is said to be able to travel from the wrapper to the food (because obviously). And it's good to note that the greasier the food, the more it will need fluorine in the wrappers, so keep that in mind.

Sadly, fluorine isn't just in fast food wrappers, as it's available in non-stick pots and pans, carpeting, and other products. And from what scientist Dr. Arlene Blum says, there are no safe levels of fluorine that people should be ingesting. "I think the prudent thing to do is to reduce your exposure when you can. You can’t get it to zero, but you can reduce it," he said.

Again, if you're rocking with fast food, you should already know what time it is, but don't think that it's just the food.

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