Colorado City to Give $1.5 Million in Marijuana Tax Money to Homeless

Aurora, Colo. to give at least $1.5 million in marijuana revenue to homeless.

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After legalizing marijuana in 2012, Colorado has seen a boost in its economy. Now, one city is putting those extra funds to good use by helping out its homeless population.

The city of Aurora took in an estimated $4.5 million from weed sales tax and plans to hand at least $1.5 million of that over to services that work with the homeless, the Aurora Sentinelreported. The decision came during a meeting at the end of April after city council members voted on where to allocate the funds.

$220,000 will go to Colfax Community Network, a nonprofit that educates low-income families living in motels and apartments about its useful community services. Founded in 1991, the organization provides homeless families set up in local motels with clothing, food, toiletries, diapers and more.

"The Colfax Community Network is in extremely dire straits in that they do not have funds to continue operating," Nancy Sheffield, director of Aurora neighborhood services, said.

Officials also agreed to give both Comitis Crisis Center and Aurora Mental Health a van, which will cost no more than $92,000 each, for homeless outreach in the area. An additional $4,000 will fund a pair of outreach workers who will operate the vans.

This has to make even the biggest opponents of legalization smile.

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