8 Tweets Donald Trump Definitely Has Sitting In His Drafts

Little fingers turn to Twitter fingers.

Trump with a phone
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Trump with a phone

Donald Trump: billionaire, Republican presidential nominee, prolific tweeter.

From 3 a.m. tweetstorms about checking out sex tapes to retweeting white supremacist neo-Nazis, the Donald fires off tweets with no discrimination (which can't be said about his campaign). But on Tuesday, Trump said "the shackles have been taken off" and sent Twitter into a frenzy.

If you thought his past tweets made waves, wait until you see the drafts of unsent Complex has obtained exclusively (don't ask how):

trump draft tweet
trump draft tweet 2
trump draft tweet
trump draft tweet 6
trump draft tweet 7
trump draft tweet 5
trump draft tweet 3
trump draft tweet 4


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