Pringles Finally Created Top Ramen-Flavored Chips and It Was Worth the Wait

Two crowd favorites have teamed up for the summer.

Pringles Top Ramen Flavor

Image via Edelman

Pringles Top Ramen Flavor

If you’ve ever been broke, then you probably have a soft spot in your heart for Nissin Top Ramen noodles. And if you’ve ever been broke for a long time—and possibly a little stoned—then you have also probably discovered a bunch of creative ways to use the noodles to season your favorite snacks.

One of the most delicious ways to do it is by using the seasoning packet that comes with Top Ramen noodles for something other than the noodles themselves since the salty, MSG-filled goodness of the seasoning tastes great with just about anything. Thankfully, it sounds like the good folks at Pringles are plugged in to everyone’s struggle party and decided to partner up with Nissin recently to make Top Ramen chicken-flavored chips. And now everyone has lost their damn minds trying to get their hands on some.

According to a press release, the new Pringles taste like "Nissin Top Ramen right out of the bowl," which sounds like enough reason to buy them even before discovering that this new flavor mashup goes for just $1.50 per package. But be warned: The new flavor is limited edition and only available at Dollar General stores while supplies last, so you might have to go out of your way to get some sooner rather than later. If your inner college kid is jumping up and down at the thought of this new flavor, it’ll probably be well worth the effort.


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