Woman in Taiwan Strips Naked at Gym After Being Told She Cannot Bring Her Cat

A woman in Taiwan took all her clothes off and allegedly threatened gym employees after she couldn’t enter the premises with her cat.

A domestic cat looks on as he stands on a refrigerator in Ankara, Turkey.

Image via Getty/Altan Gocher

A domestic cat looks on as he stands on a refrigerator in Ankara, Turkey.

A woman in Taiwan was captured on camera earlier this month stripping naked inside a gym after workers told her she was not allowed to bring her cat, according to Daily Dot. 

The unidentified woman would frequently visit the World Gym—located in the Tamsui district of New Taipei City—with her cat, and receive pushback from the staff who told her having the cat on the premises violated their health and safety protocol. World Gym responded to her consistently defiant behavior by stripping her of her membership last month. 

When she returned to World Gym on September 4 with her cat in tow, she took off all of her clothes, and started using the workout equipment. She eventually moved onto the battle ropes for a few reps. The International Business Times reports that, prior to stripping down, the woman threatened the staff, yelling, "I have a gun and a hand grenade. F*** you!" As the workers tried to diffuse the situation, she forced her cat onto another employee, saying, "Hold my cat. Let me punch her [the trainer]." 

This unusual incident ensued for about 30 minutes until police arrived to subdue her and make her get dressed. The woman was arrested and charged with one count of suspicion of sex offense, and one count of causing bodily harm. She was taken to nearby hospital to undergo a medical examination. 

Click here to see footage of the somewhat blurred out woman during her gym tirade.

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