Footage Shows Car Soaring 120 Feet After Driving Off Tow Truck Ramp

The car was filmed flying through the air, colliding with another vehicle, and traveling another 23 feet.

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A Florida woman sustained serious injuries after her car was "vaulted" about 125 feet after driving off a tow truck ramp on a Georgia highway late last month.

According to NBC News, the incident, which was captured on a police officer's bodycam, occurred as the tow truck was parked in the left lane with its emergency lights on and preparing to load a wrecked car from an earlier accident.

The vehicle flipped through the air, collided with another vehicle, and traveled another 23 feet. The driver in the other car has been hospitalized. A Lowndes County deputy was also taken to the hospital and released after being hit by flying debris, as reported by WSB-TV.

The cause of the crash has not been determined. It remains to be seen if the unidentified female driver will face charges for her role in the accident.

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