1.6 Tons of Cocaine Seized From 2 Trucks by Mexico City Police in 'Historic Confiscation'

Mexico City police uncovered about 1.6 tons of cocaine inside two freight trucks, marking one of the biggest drug busts in recent history in the capital.

Guards stand in front of part of the evidence from a cocaine bust.

Heavily armed officers stand guard as law enforcement officials present a part of the evidence from a cocaine bust on the MSC Gayane in the port of Philadelphia.

Guards stand in front of part of the evidence from a cocaine bust.

Mexico City police announced a “historic confiscation” Tuesday in which about 1.6 tons of cocaine was discovered inside two freight trucks, per CBS News.

Police chief Omar Garcia Harfuch said an estimated $20 million worth of cocaine arrived at a port on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca from Columbia. It’s believed that only a portion of the shipment came into the country, with the rest allegedly headed for Los Angeles. Harfuch disclosed four Colombians were arrested and a third truck was identified as being involved in escorting the two vehicles stopped in the drug bust. 

“Today the Secretary of Civil Security made a historic confiscation of 1,600 kg of cocaine,” Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, head of government of Mexico City, said in a statement via Facebook. “It’s an example that in Mexico City there is no impunity or complicity.” 

The Army and National Guard of Mexico revealed earlier this month that a half-ton of fentanyl was found at a warehouse in the city of Culiacan, along with meth, cocaine and opium which totaled a half-ton. Authorities lauded the $230 million bust as the “largest seizure” of fentanyl in the country’s history. 

Photos of the drug bust were posted by Harfuch on Facebook and can be seen below. 

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