Alabama Inmate Casey White Charged With Murdering Corrections Officer Who Helped Him Escape

Casey White, who escaped an Alabama prison, has been charged in the death of Vicky White, the unrelated corrections officer who helped him flee.

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Casey White, the inmate who escaped an Alabama prison in late April, has been charged with murder for his alleged role in the death of the former corrections officer who helped him flee. 

White was serving time at Lauderdale County Detention Center for a slew of charges, including attempted murder, carjacking, and home invasion, and awaiting trial on two counts of capital murder when he escaped. Vicky White, who had no family ties to the inmate, was an assistant director of corrections at the detention center when she helped him break out. 

Less than two weeks after their escape, the two were spotted at a hotel in Indiana. The unrelated Whites managed to evade authorities when they arrived, but a car chase ensued and came to an end when their vehicle crashed. Casey was arrested, while Vicky was found in the car with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. “Y’all help my wife, she shot herself in the head and I didn’t do it,” Casey allegedly told officers as he was being taken into custody. She was later pronounced dead. 

U.S. Marshal Matt Keely confirms the two never got married. 

While the coroner’s officer determined White’s death was by suicide, Casey has been indicted on a first-degree murder charge for causing her death, along with first-degree escape, per CNN. His attorney Mark McDaniel said his client plans to plead not guilty.

According to USA Today, Alabama law dictates that someone can be charged with murder if it occurs in the process of committing or attempting to commit another crime, including escape in the first degree. 

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