West Virginia Mayor Who Called Michelle Obama An 'Ape' Resigns Following Backlash

Beverly Whaling says she didn't mean to come off as racist.

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West Virginia Mayor Beverly Whaling is seeing what the internet can do when you post racist comments on social media. The Clay County mayor resigned on Tuesday, after receiving backlash for her controversial comments regarding Michelle Obama

Whaling put herself in the hot seat after she appeared to agree with a racist comment a Clay County corporate director shared on Facebook. "It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House," Clay County Development Corporation director Pamela Ramsey Taylor wrote after Election Day, referring to Melania Trump. "I'm tired of seeing an ape in heels." Whaling  not only liked the post, but she commented beneath it, saying, "Just made my day Pam." It was soon deleted, but the the internet had already spotted it and ran with it. 

Whaling submitted her letter of resignation on Tuesday, which she stated would be "effective immediately," according to ABC affiliate WCHS. Additionally, the former mayor issued an apology to all of those she may have offended, claiming that she was not trying to be racist. "I was referring to my day being made for change in the White House," she stated. "I am truly sorry for any hard feeling this may have caused! Those who know me know that I'm not in any way racist!"

Whaling's resignation came just before the town council was scheduled to discuss her behavior. There was a petition calling for both Whaling and Taylor to be removed from office, which garnered more than 150,000 signatures. Taylor has reportedly been put on leave, according to ABC

Some took to Twitter to rejoice about Whaling's resignation. 

Might not be too bad for Beverly Whaling. I heard the Trump administration is hiring her kind. #westvirginia #mayor @FLOTUS

— Elion Musk (@MLCHZDK) November 16, 2016

I could really go for a #VirginiaHamSandwich,Is #BeverlyWhaling cooked yet?

— Tom Estrada (@pappi5221) November 16, 2016

#beverlywhaling you are an insult to all women, especially the ones to strive to uphold public office.

— Denise B (@deniseb1305) November 16, 2016


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