Chicago Police Officer Resigns Amid 'Scrutiny' After Viral Video Shows His Manhandling Black Woman

Officer Bruce Dyker has resigned after he was put on desk duty for a complaint brought against him last year where he was accused of excessive force.

Chicago PD

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Chicago PD

After 24 years on the job in law enforcement, Officer Bruce Dyker has resigned. He’s tired of all the “scrutiny” he’s been receiving for, as his union puts it, “doing his job.”

Dyker is white.

John Catanzara, head of the Chicago Police Union said Dyker was unjustly targeted, per Atlanta Black Star. “Bruce (Dyker) just had enough of the nonsense and scrutiny for doing his job,” adding, “He got the hell out of this city and got the hell out of this state and is moving on with his life.”

Shortly after midnight on Aug. 28, Nikkita Brown walked her small French bulldog along North Avenue Beach in Chicago where she was approached by Dyker almost immediately.

Brown is Black.

After telling her that the beach was closed, and asking her to vacate, the situation continued to escalate when Dyker approached Brown even though she pleaded with him to “back up” saying “You need to move away from me. I feel threatened.”

His response, “good.”

Bodycam footage, and a cell phone video went viral shortly after the incident.

Dyker grabbed her and began, as the video shows, to forcibly shake her for a little over a minute.

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Since joining the force in 1998, there had been 25 complaints filed against the officer. Of the 25, only three have been upheld.

An incident in New Tazewell, TN just ten years into his career involved a 20-day suspension for verbally abusing and pointing his weapon at a victim repeatedly.

According to Southside Weekly, Dyker had another altercation with a Black woman that resulted in her going to the University of Chicago Hospital where she was treated for a bruised and swollen jaw.

The woman was driving for Uber in Wicker Park when the officer pulled her officer. When asked to speak to Dyker’s supervising officer before signing off on her ticket, he pulled her from the car, cuffed one of her wrists and slammed her against the vehicle. This incident occurred in Dec. 2017. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) cleared him of all charges.

Brown filed a complaint with the Chicago Police Department alleging Dyker’s actions were racially motivated.

Per the Citizens Police Data Project, “Dyker has more civilian allegations than eighty-eight percent of CPD officers.”

In between complaints, Dyker received numerous awards, including the 2009 Crime Reduction Award and the Presidential Election Deployment Award.

COPA finished their investigation of the incident on Oct. 28, but their findings were never released to the press. According to the Chicago Sun Times, disciplinary recommendations were handed down to Police Superintendent David Brown.

Action could range from suspension to termination.

Dyker was on paid desk duty at the time of his resignation which happened before a final decision was enacted by the city’s Law Department.

He officially resigned in May.

When ABC News asked her why she was stopped by Dyker, Brown responded, “Black woman walking after hours, I guess I look suspicious.”


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