Doctor Warns Against Eating Too Much Chocolate Over Easter

Internet responds: “You’re not my mum!”

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An NHS doctor has warned of the dangers of eating too much chocolate at Easter, advice that has been met with scorn and ridicule online.

Dr Andrew Kelso, medical director at the NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board, was interviewed for a blog on the board’s website where he advised people to “resist the urge to eat a whole egg in one go.” He went on to say that the average Easter egg contains as much as three-quarters of an adult’s recommended daily calorie intake.

When compounded with the usual cakes and biscuits, he added, it “adds up to a lot of extra sugar and calories,” and that it “doesn’t do our bodies any good.” Dr Kelso also pointed out that tooth decay, obesity and Type 2 diabetes were all on the rise and that there would probably be more hospital visits over Easter. 

Naturally, the internet didn’t the news well, with one commenter replying, “You’re not my mum!” and another saying that “Easter finally has a grinch.”

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