Woman Who Coined ‘Christian BBL’ Gets Abdominal Infection Following Procedure

Sophiology, the YouTuber who got the procedure last year, shared the news with her viewers in a recent vlog.

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The woman behind the "Christian BBL" shared an unfortunate update regarding the procedure to her YouTube channel last week.

In a recent vlog, influencer and YouTuber Sophiology, born Sophia Idahosa, revealed that since getting her procedure, she's developed an abdominal infection. Around the 1:09:50-minute mark of a video she posted last week, Sophiology explained her latest health issues.

"Dermatologist discovered an infection on my abdomen," she wrote. "Basically, causing me to be very sick, weak, and not healing as I should."

Idahosa continued, "She prescribed antibiotics, topical treatments for the scars & recommended I rest. I had to postpone my follow up appt with Dr. Jung, and my post op massge appts."

Later, at 1:13:55, Idahosa gave more of an explanation behind her dermatology appointment. "Full transparency, my dermatologist appointment this afternoon, it went well in the sense that I got the diagnosis and a prescription, but I should've went sooner."

Sharing that the appointment was booked "last minute because of how much pain I was in last night," she said it began affecting her sleep. "So as much pain as I'm in right now, and just disappointment that this is even happening, I'm happy that I have medicine now and things to help cure it."

Idahosa then promised her viewers a future vlog with more information about her post-op recovery, but she was heavily criticized on social media in December for her decision to get a BBL as a Christian woman. At the time, Idahosa claimed that she got spiritual permission from God for getting liposuction and a fat transfer to her hips, while some mocked her choice to be pro-surgery.

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