Emoji Updates for Apple’s iOS 14.5 Revealed

Apple revealed its new emojis and memojis while also updating some of its older ones in the new iOS 14.5 update expected to roll out shortly.


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As Apple’s iOS 14.5 update prepares to hit its devices, so is a new batch of emojis, memojis, and updates to emojis of past. Older emojis will be made more gender-inclusive, and the new entries being introduced show a wider range of people. 

Emojis reflecting love and relationships have been modified to include same-sex couples, gender-neutral couples, and more. New facial expressions are also in the iOS update, as well as a vaccine-era variant on the syringe.

Memojis are given some added diversity, with new hairstyles and textures like a man-bun, waves, and enhancements to fades. To fit the pandemic we’re living in, iOS 14.5 memojis will include face masks and improved headwear options like a tichel, durag, cyclist helmet, nurse cap, and more. 

There are also emojis for some of Apple’s newer products like the Airpod Max headphones. iOS 14.5 is expected to roll out soon but is “now available as a public beta,” per CNET, who reminds us that means “it may contain some bugs, as Apple is still working on it before its final release.”

Check out the new emoji and memoji updates that will be available in the iOS 14.5 update below.

memoji 1
memoji 2
memoji 3
memoji 4
memoji 5
memoji 6
emoji 1
emoji 2
emoji 3
emoji 4
emoji 5
emoji 6
emoji 7
emoji 8
emoji 9
emoji 10
emoji 11
emoji 12
emoji 13
emoji 14
emoji 15
emoji 17
emoji 18
emoji 19
emoji 20
emoji 21

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