Uber CEO Says Company Might Get Into Cannabis Delivery Business If Federal Laws Change

Uber's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that the company could get into the cannabis delivery business once federal regulation makes it legal to do so.

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Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, says that the company might get into the cannabis delivery business once federal regulations make it legal. Those comments were made on Monday during the CNBC program TechCheck

“When the road is clear for cannabis, when federal laws come into play, we’re absolutely going to take a look at it,” he said. 

Despite the legalization of marijuana for recreational usage in several states (16, to be exact, plus the District of Columbia) it still remains illegal under federal law. Several lawmakers have indicated they’d be willing to change that but, well, you know, it takes time. Nearly 20 other states have decriminalized the drug. 

The latest state to legalize marijuana was New York, following legislation that was signed on March 31 by Governor Andrew Cuomo. That same law will allow for delivery. Other states that allow cannabis delivery without restrictions for people 21 or older include: Oregon, Nevada, and California. 

Khosrowshahi’s comments came as part of a conversation regarding Uber’s recent acquisition of Drizly, a Boston-based alcohol delivery service that was purchased by Uber for $1.1 billion in February

He added that the company’s current focus remains on delivering things like food and alcohol. 

“We see so much opportunity out there, and we’re going to focus on the opportunity at hand,” he said.

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