This Trump Effigy Is Actually Lit

People in Mexico City burned a huge Donald Trump effigy as part of an Easter tradition.

Image via Michael Vadon

The more time that passes in this presidential race, the more it starts to seem that Donald Trump's campaign is really just a carefully plotted lie. For one thing the outbreaks of violence that repeatedly occur at his rallies are unfathomable but likely tied to the hateful comments he has made about immigrants. He even has a detailed plan to build a wall to keep undocumented immigrants out of the United States, which the former president of Mexico slammed when he called it a "stupid wall." The people of Mexico have taken a step further in their opposition of Trump by burning a gigantic Donald Trump effigy as part of an Easter tradition, Death and Taxesreports

The night before Easter large effigies are burned in Mexico City as part of a long-standing tradition that represents the destruction of evil. The effigies represent Judas and are usually a combination of evil demons and notoriously hated people. One of the most noteworthy effigies burned that night was none other than Donald Trump. 

It doesn't come as a surprise that watching flames consume a huge Donald Trump effigy was a cathartic experience for the people of Mexico, who have been repeatedly singled out by Trump in his nasty speeches. Considering Trump's intractability thus far in the presidential race, it's unlikely that the burning of the effigy will change his mind about the deplorable wall plan. At least the people of Mexico have shown they won't remain silent as he spews hatred, though.

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