Apparently No One's Looking for Sex on Tinder Anymore, Says Survey

A new survey says more college-aged people are looking for friendship, not dates or sex, on Tinder.

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As the infamous online dating app Tinder has become increasingly popular, its mission has branched off in a million different directions. The new "share" button, for example, allows Tinder users to hook up their friends, while some women have used the dating app to campaign for Bernie Sanders. Porn stars have even joined the conversation about Tinder—they gave us pointers on how we can get the most bang for our buck, if you will. And so continues the saga of the ever-changing Tinder tides: CNN reports that a majority of college-aged dating app users are looking for friendship, not hook ups or dates. 

The survey, conducted by the college jobs startup WayUp, found some surprising results when asking college students about their dating habits. Overall, a majority of students said they don't use popular dating apps for dating at all—58 percent of the students surveyed noted that they have never used a dating app to go on a date. While 27 percent indicated that they're looking for a significant other, and 20 percent said they use the apps to find hook ups, 53 percent said that they're looking for friendship on the popular dating apps. Of 200 surveyed college students, 73 percent ranked Tinder as their preferred app.  

Due to the fact that some Tinder users may feel judged for using the app for more serious purposes—like to hook up or find love—the survey's findings may reflect a bit of inaccuracy. The new study, however, suggests that a lot of college-aged Tinder users might not be as horny or set on finding love as we had previously thought. They're just trying to find a buddy is all. 

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