We Are All Hashtag Blessed Now That Pope Francis Has Joined Instagram (UPDATE)

Pope Francis is the newest and holiest member of Instagram.

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UPDATE (3/19/16): The Pope has surpassed one million Instagram followers in under 12 hours, beating David Beckham's record of one million followers in under 24 hours, Good Morning America reports. His Holiness appears to be on the path to social media righteousness.

See original story from 3/19/16 below. 

Pope Francis is one hip pope. Following his historic visit to the United States last year, Pope Francis announced he would release his own rock album, complete with holy hyms and excerpts from his most inspirational speeches. Earlier this year he had a casual rendezvous with Leonardo DiCaprio at the Vatican to discuss their shared love of the planet, which DiCaprio expressed in his acceptance speech at the Oscars in February. He even joined the ever-expanding Donald Trump bashing club when he publicly condemned Trump for not being a good Christian. Well into 2016 Pope Francis continues to stay woke. Vulturereports that Pope Francis is one of the newest—and definitely the holiest—member of Instagram. 

Early Friday morning Pope Francis made his Instagram presence known in his first post that shows him deep in prayer with his hands clasped and his eyes closed. The caption on the photo says "pray for me" in nine different languages. He also sent out a tweet that alerted the Twitter community to his newly established and holy Instagram presence.

It looks like Pope Francis is already having fun with the popular social media app: he posted another photo six hours after his first one, and then quite recently went for his video debut, in which he invites us all to follow along on his tender journey.

Three posts in one day is kind of thirsty, but then again the Pope is an exception to the rule. 

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