Second Prosecutor in Freddie Gray Case Resigns

A second Baltimore prosecutor who had worked on the Freddie Gray case has resigned.

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A second Baltimore prosecutor who had worked on the Freddie Gray case has resigned following State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's announcement last week that the state was dropping the charges that remained against the officers charged with Gray's death. The Baltimore Sun reports that the second attorney, Sarah David, resigned this week.

The first attorney to resign in the wake of Mosby's announcement was Assistant State's Attorney Lisa Phelps, who the Baltimore Sun reports was a veteran prosecutor in the State's Attorney's office. Phelps resigned from her position last week, several weeks after she reportedly opposed pursuing a trial against officer Garrett Miller, who was set to be tried in late July.

The Sun reports that David did not state explicitly state why she quit, but said that she decided to resign for reasons related to Phelps' resignation. David has now taken a position as chief of staff for Maryland State Senator Bobby Zirkin, according to the Sun.

State Attorney Mosby's decision to drop the remaining charges in the Freddie Gray case cause frustration and anger among activists, who were already exasperated with the lack of convictions for the officers who stood trial.

In her announcement last week, Mosby criticized the detectives in the case, and said she was not confident that judge Barry Williams would deliver any guilty verdicts for the remaining cases. The decision to drop the remaining cases meant that the state would not secure any convictions for Gray's death, although six were formally charged and four were tried. 

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