Angry Zoo Gorilla Charges at Man Taking a Selfie

This gorilla was not happy about a man trying to take a selfie at the zoo.

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We've already seen the dangers of people taking selfies. If it's not the people themselves getting hurt then it's others paying the consequences, like this poor rare baby dolphin that died when tourists in Argentina kept passing it around for selfies instead of throwing it back in the water. On this occasion it was a zoogoer's life that hung in the balance when a gorilla, nowhere near as cuddly as the gorilla who loves cat videos, at a Nebraska zoo charged at him when he tried to take a selfie.  

Video of the terrifying moment has gone viral gaining over one million views on YouTube since it was posted two days ago. According to the description of the video the gorilla caught on camera is a silverback named Kijito. Kijito is a resident of the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha as GQreports

A man is seen recording himself with his back turned to Kijito behind the glass enclosure. Kijito then charges at the glass, pounding his chest, and then hitting himself. Someone is heard shouting "Nice!" seemingly amused by Kijito slamming himself. 

This isn't an isolated incident as last year Kijito similarly charged into the glass, only that time he cracked one of the three protective layers reported Pix11. Kijito has been at Henry Doorly since 1996. 

We can't blame Kijito for not being chill, after all, being trapped in a zoo and having people take selfies with you, or worse, try to show you photos of other gorillas when you're just trying to eat has to be annoying.

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